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Justiney {quince portraits}

Photography has been part of our lives for a number of years now and whenever we get to capture our friends and family it makes us happy. We’ve known Justiney’s family for many years now so when we scheduled her “quince portraits” we couldn’t say no. As you may know we normally don’t photograph quinces and primarily only photograph weddings but every now and then we do bend the rules a little for our friends and family ;)

By the way, special thanks to Jose, Jiovanni and Jovan for all the help, we couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Here are a few from her session…





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Romy + Ryan: Wedding

As promised we will catch up on this blog!! One blog post at a time, but we will get it up to date! So here’s another post from 2009. It’s hard to believe that time has gone by so fast! We’ve known Romy + Ryan for a long time now and they are an awesome couple!! We had a blast capturing their wedding day and here are some of the pics that tell a little of their story…

Sandra - Very, Very nice Rick!

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Catching up on the blog with Nichole + Anthony’s wedding

We have a confession to make. We haven’t been good bloggers, in fact we’ve been terrible ones :( However, we knew the day would come when we would change our ways :) We got so caught up with shooting, editing and album designing that blogging has taken a back seat for quite a while now (a really long while). So Myleen and I decided to bring this blog up to date. Therefore, for the next few weeks we will finally be posting a bunch of weddings, engagement sessions and personal photography that never made it to the blog. We’re going to post them in chronological order, some going back to 2009! Now, if you’ve been to our blog before you’ll know that we HAVE posted several previews, weddings, engagement sessions and personal projects, just not most of them. The weddings and engagement sessions that had been previously blogged were randomly picked and posted.

So we’re going to start this blogging journey with Nichole + Anthony’s amazing wedding that we shot back in March of 2009….

Sandra - Very nice! About time… for us the followers of your work, it has been a very dry season. Glad to see you post again! Many blessings and keep it up.

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The B Family! {family/maternity session}

Ok, so as most of you know we haven’t been photographing family, maternity or children for over a year now because it takes so much time to edit weddings and engagement sessions. It’s not that we haven’t wanted to, it really just comes down to the time factor. However, every now and then our family and close friends are the exception to that rule. So, with that said, the B family have been close friends of ours for many years and we had the pleasure of capturing their awesome family recently.













Sandra Marcelin - You are always so creative! I love this photo, post more please.

Burt - rick you’re amazing never a dull moment during our family session thank you so much

Rick - Thanks Sandy! You’re welcome Burt! It was our pleasure to capture this awesome moment in your lives!

yamila alfonso - all i can say is wow! every picture you take is amazing!

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