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Christina + Joe {wedding} preview


suky - you really outdid yourself! Can’t wait to see the rest… :)

Sandra - This is just way tooo AWESOME! Master Shifu, you are the best!

Juan the aprentice - Beautiful shot RIck! Let me guess? Flash camera left with aperture for flash exposure and shutter speed to expose the sky. My guess would be handheld at 60 or less with aperture around f/4.5. Then what do I know! I am just an infant lost in the photon stream! LOL

Angie S. - Wow! beautiful!! When can we see the rest?!

Rick - Thank you :)

Alex Fagundo - Gorgeous pic, Rick!

Scarlet - Love it.

Rick Fernandez - Thanks Alex and Scarlet!

Arianna - Rick, I love this one!

Audra Gootee - Stunning!! I her hair! I love this photo! cant wait to see the rest

Oscar - Amazing shot! I met The bride this past weekend btw.

Patty - I am the mother of the Bride & all of the pictures are breathtaking – you really out did yourself Mr Fernandez. Everyone at my job says the picture with the wedding dress should be in a Bridal Magazine. Thanks for a awesome job!

Gina - I love the pictures you have on your website. I need to get in contact with you asap. I’ve emailed you a few times, but no response. Hope all is well. My email is Thanks!!! Hope to hear from you soon.

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