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So as you know, for the most part we are wedding and couple portrait photographers. So, I wouldn’t typically post a picture like the following one on our blog or even mention much about it.  However, I felt compelled to show you this one because it has a lot of meaning. The firefighter in this picture is Ralph. He is a 30 year veteran of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and I had the privilege of capturing this picture approximately 1 week before his retirement. In addition to being a great firefighter and paramedic he was also part of the USAR (Urban Search and Rescue Team) for several years and had been deployed to places like the Oklahoma City Bombing, World Trade Center Collapse, Africa, South America, The Haiti Earthquake, the recent parking garage collapse here in Miami and many more terrible disasters. His dedication to the fire service, his co workers (brothers and sisters) and his family is second to none and I wanted to gift him with an image that culminated his career. One more thing, Ralph loves cigars so what better picture than two of the things he loves the most, the Fire Truck and a Cigar.

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