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Tamy + Daniel – Destination Wedding – Bogota, Colombia

One day I was going through our email as usual and I see an email from our friend Shelly, who by the way is an amazing photographer and also the owner of the incredible Doggy Studio in South Miami. She asked if we would consider photographing her sister’s wedding in Bogota, Colombia and thankfully the date was available so it was an easy yes! We were so honored that she thought of us and also extremely excited to book an international wedding to such a beautiful country like Colombia that we couldn’t wait! Shelly’s sister Tamy and her husband Daniel were going to have their EPIC wedding on a ranch and were planning on having a 16 Hour wedding, yes 16 hours!

First thing we needed to be concerned with was the altitude. Bogota has an elevation of 8600 ft, which is around the same altitude as many cities in Colorado. So, we were warned by everyone that we would get really tired by just taking a few steps and would have to rest from time to time. They weren’t kidding!! We arrived 2 days before the wedding and were still getting tired by just walking around on wedding day! We did acclimate slowly but surely and within a couple of days we didn’t really feel much.

We found Colombia to be a very beautiful country with tons of amazing landscapes, phenomenal food and incredible people! We want to give a HUGE “THANK YOU” to Shelly, Jimmy, Tamy, Daniel and their entire family for their exceptional hospitality and for really treating us like one of their own family members the entire time we were there! We honestly had the time of our lives and felt extremely welcomed by everyone!!!! So without further delay here are some of the million images from their 16 hour wedding (Colombians really celebrate)….

Oh by the way, this is definitely the longest blog post we’ve ever had!!

Wedding ceremony and reception: Hacienda el Salitre, Bogota, Colombia

As soon as we arrived to our hotel we received a very special gift from Tamy and Daniel. It was a cloth sac with an amazing note on it and tons of delicious and very useful gifts inside…

Juan Prieto - Rick you have blown me away with these images! This wedding put you in a whole new bracket my friend! I expect to see your pictures in Brides Magazine. Do submit them please!

Alex Fagundo - Rick, this is gorgeous! What an amazing job! Love your juxtaposition of city, nature, along with the beautiful bride and details of Columbia. Fantastic.

Catherine - I dont think that i actually have words, this wedding was amazing ! I cant even begin how amazing you photographed this wedding ! Unbelievable

Ingrid Guberek - Dear Rick and Myleen
Thank you for and amazing job!.
You guys are the best.
Your work is truly magnificent. We will treasure this images for the rest of our lives
Love Ingrid

Jamie Lauren - Rick, you [and your amazing photographer wife] have blown me away!! From one photographer to another, these images are truly outstanding. You knocked this one clear outta the park. Possibly outta Colombia! :O) The wedding location and details were incredible and the bride, groom, family and guests were all beautiful subjects so how could you go wrong?? But, you captured everything beautifully. Amazing work, my friend. Simply amazing.

suky - Excellent work! You both captured everything perfectly, it made me feel like I was there… You are in another level for sure! I’m proud of my teacher :)

Evie Lynn - WOW this is absolutely incredible!! I am blown away by the fabulousness of this wedding and the level of amazingness of your photography. Captured perfectly. I will have to consider you when I get married! :D

Rick - Thanks for the awesome comments everyone, we really appreciate the feedback!

Claudia - WOW!!!! What amazing photos and such a beautiful wedding! I love it!!!!! Great job capturing all the little details :)

Jaclyn - W-O-W!!! I’m still crying… I truly feel as though I KNOW them just by seeing these pictures… Amazing! Seriously, no words can describe the beauty here… I was completely drawn in, beautiful story these pictures! You’re awesome… Amazing Myleen!

Oscar - Rick, what an amazing job! you captured all the details of this wedding perfectly! that tilt-shift is SICK!!!! great job!

Rick Fernandez - Thanks for the amazing comments everyone!! Ingrid you’re very welcome, it was our pleasure to be able to to to Bogota to capture Tamy and Daniel’s wedding! It’s great to know you guys liked the images :) It was definitely a great wedding and we were treated like family the entire time (thanks Ingrid!!).

PEllingsworthPerez - Rick, came across your blog through a friend who just had you shoot their wedding. I saw this post and I couldn’t help but comment. These pictures brought tears to my eyes. Not only were the emotions and gorgeous details captured for this couple, but you captured the essence and the beauty of Colombia. I haven’t been there in a few years….I want to jump on a plane right now. Amazing work.

Rick Fernandez - Thank you Pellingsworth! I really appreciate you taking the time to tell us how much you liked the photos :) Colombia was indeed a beautiful place! I would go back in a heartbeat!

Sandra - Wow Rick! While looking at these images, I felt like I was in Bogota. You captured every moment with incredible details and elegance. You guys did an incredible job! every single image belongs in a magazine!! AMAZING WORK! You are an artist my friend!

Rick - Thank you Sandy!

Truly Photography - Wow. What a beautiful wedding and such amazing story-telling. Love the portraits!

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