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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Baby "A"

Baby “A” was terrifc! He was so easy to photograph that I was surprised because kids don’t always easily stare into the camera like he did. Sometimes it can take a little noise making (to say the least) just to get them to look within a square mile of the camera! LOL! His mom and…

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Lynda & Carlos…

Lynda & Carlos are two of the best friends anyone can have! They’re always there for you (except if Carlos is hungry…then it’s every man for himself!) and are just a great family to be around. We decided to hang out on a Friday night and got some cool pics that we hope they’ll like!

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Gretel & David!!

We had a great afternoon with Gretel & David (A.K.A. Spider-Man)! They were in such a great mood and we love that ’cause it makes such a HUGE difference overall. Day was beautiful and lighting was perfect creating the perfect setting for great pics!

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A day off to relax…

Just this past weekend we celebrated a first birthday with family. There were a few skaters at the party so I couldn’t resist taking a couple of shots.. More to come soon..

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Priscilla & Omar…

These two were awesome! We almost couldn’t stop taking pics of them cause it was just too easy! They definitely have a strong connection that shows on and off camera, so of course we totally dig that! We were able to take soooo many great pics I’m not sure which ones to post, I kinda…

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